Stance: Left Foot Forward

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Years skating: Started summer of 1997

Board size: 8.38 has been treating me nice as of late

Favorite skater: Not a fan of picking favorites. I always liked Kirchart growing up. Ishod Wair is a current heavy weight that I back. Lizzy Armanto’s smith grinds are pretty hard to beat. Brandon Westgate swims upstream and thats pretty cool.

Back board the whole thang!

Best skate video: Welcome To Hell

Dream spot: Russel House 7 stair handrail when that was around

Favorite city: The ones where my friends and family are at.

Song recommendation: Louis Armstrong did a recording of Harry Wood’s song Red Red Robin Comes Bob Bob Bobbin’ Along, that one always puts a smile on my face.

Proudest skate memory: Towards the end of high school I managed to film 6 personal NBD’s between the Russel House 7 stair and 10 stair handrails all in the same afternoon. Was feeling pretty juiced after that.

Best feeling trick: Frontside flips feel pretty cool when they work. I also really like smith grinds.

Bad speed wobble experience: I chased Willy Akers down a hill outside of some skatepark in PA or DE can’t remember which. He won, but I don’t even think the slam was that bad. I guess I’ve been pretty lucky on the speed wobble front.

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: You’d find out that I share a name with a guy who Will Smith did a movie about. Dude and his son had it pretty rough for awhile, then through pure determination, he turned things around. Boot straps kinda story. Pretty sure he does motivational speaking stuff now. You’d have to dive pretty deep and/or refine your search before you found anything about me.

Tall 50-50 at the Greenhole

“Didn’t get any rest and my body felt like a soggy raisin”

Worst camping experience? Was in TN once with some friends and we were all sharing one of those big family sized tents. Some gnarly rain started up and the side of the tent I was on was a little lower in ground level. The water pooled up pretty bad and I just kinda laid there in 6 inches of water till the sun came up. Didn’t get any rest and my body felt like a soggy raisin, but it was still fun.

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Watch a really fun time we had traveling around a few years back, Chris is always ripping and heres some proof.

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