Stance: goofy

Hometown: Columbia

Years skating: 17

Board size: 8.5

Gap back tail

Favorite skater: Tom Knox/Bobby dekyzer/Ryan Lay

Best skate video: Photosynthesis, Blueprint lost n found

Dream spot: Street version of owens bump to ledge

Favorite city: valparaiso Chile

Song recommendation: Reputation by Zack Mexico

Proudest skate memory: Chris cole thought I did a cool trick once at the berrics (it wasn’t a cool trick) all the camp bluetile days are good times

Best feeling trick: bs ts

Bad speed wobble experience: On a bike, hat fell off

Back side flip the stair gap!

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: You actually do find me because there aren’t too many weirdos out there with the same name.

Worst camping experience? The worse they are the better they are!

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