Stance: Goofy

Hometown: Myrtle Beach

Years skating: 12ish

Board size: 8.25

Favorite skater: jerry and Dan Lu

Best skate video: Giant spider skates to rave on PCP* or something like that, I just really like watching it with all my friends and laughing and freaking out at the same time

nose slap off the “bump?”

Dream spot: some sort of wallie or slappy

Favorite city: Albuquerque was so nice

Song recommendation: ashton martin music chopped n screwed

Proudest skate memory: I’ve never thrown up at a contest before, I feel pretty proud about that. Also, skateboner cover (shout out to Matt)

Best feeling trick: a phat O from the deck to flat

Bad speed wobble experience: I’ve had soo many… one time Garet and I bombed this impossible hill in PA at the same time and we both started getting the wobbles at the same time. He was a little ahead of me so I watched him go down so hard, he slid on his neck on the curb and ripped up his sweatshirt… I made it through the wobbles but like I said it was an impossible hill so i had to either make a 90º turn or dive into this yard so I penguin slid like 20 yards into these peoples yard. It was our first day in Pittsburgh and the homies literally told us not to do it because it was impossible so I guess thats why we wanted to try it?

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: one time my friend sent me a screen shot of a google search and somehow there was some article about me on some skate lesson website and I was referred as “Irving the skate guru” I never found this article myself

Worst camping experience? Nothing too out of the ordinary, I’m just a complainer so like waking up in a puddle of sweat or being in a tent full of stinky ass dudes and their stinky ass feet. Always great times still.

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