Stance: Regz

Hometown: Columbia, SC, I tell everyone Long Beach, CA though, because I’m embarassed.

Years skating: 16, more years than most new pros have been alive

Board size: 8.25 when I’m actually skating a normal board

Favorite skater: Sebo Walker atm

Best skate video: Yeah Right’s my faves

Dream spot: diy flatbar and box in super open parking lot

Favorite city: LA

Song recommendation: “i go to sleep” by Anika

Proudest skate memory: getting on Bluetile

Fs lip off the bump?

Best feeling trick: fakie flips

Bad speed wobble experience: traveled through woods, found unfinished road, bombed whole thing, got rekt, now i live with a somewhat numb area above my left knee.

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: I secretly make youtube videos talking about my deepest insecurities

Worst camping experience? only been camping once, and it was awesome. So that one was the worst, and the best.

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