Bluetile’s Sweet Sixteen

It’s been a wild ride these past 16 years and theres definitely been some ups and downs, but its nights like these that make it all truly worth it. We have some of the best locals and supporters who we can’t thank enough for helping us get this far. Billy started the day off by finding a new grate kicker spot across from the shop. Dre captured the ollie and took photos of our party/ video premier, take a look and relive the night.

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Stance: Why does everyone always wanna talk about politics?

Hometown: Temperance, Michigan

Years skating: 16

Board size: 8.25

Favorite skater: Brad

Best skate video: Boyish, by Jackson Casey

Dream spot: Any downtown area.

Favorite city: San Francisco

nose grind pole dodge

Proudest skate memory: I nose grinded up this pretty gnarley pole jam rail thing once during Emerica wild in the street in Detroit. I think it was in 2010.

Best feeling trick: Nosegrind

Bad speed wobble experience: An ex-girlfriend was skitching me and got all the way up to 35 miles an hour. I went down pretty hard and hit my head. Super embarrassing haha.

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: The guy who has the exact same name as me who has 100 orgasms a day. (Not clickbait)

5-0 on some famous rail


Stance: Regz

Hometown: Columbia, SC, I tell everyone Long Beach, CA though, because I’m embarassed.

Years skating: 16, more years than most new pros have been alive

Board size: 8.25 when I’m actually skating a normal board

Favorite skater: Sebo Walker atm

Best skate video: Yeah Right’s my faves

Dream spot: diy flatbar and box in super open parking lot

Favorite city: LA

Song recommendation: “i go to sleep” by Anika

Proudest skate memory: getting on Bluetile

Fs lip off the bump?

Best feeling trick: fakie flips

Bad speed wobble experience: traveled through woods, found unfinished road, bombed whole thing, got rekt, now i live with a somewhat numb area above my left knee.

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: I secretly make youtube videos talking about my deepest insecurities

Worst camping experience? only been camping once, and it was awesome. So that one was the worst, and the best.


Stance: Regular

Hometown: Auburn NY

Years skating: 13

Board size: 8.38

Favorite skater: gt yo

Best skate video: LOTM

Dream spot: ramp in the woods

Nose pick right on the edge

Favorite city: asheville

Song recommendation: strawberry letter 23

Proudest skate memory: 50 50 20

Best feeling trick: frontside grinds

Bad speed wobble experience: when I was in 5th grade, my friend reggie and I decided to try to skate to school and we both got speed wobble at the same time going down a super mellow hill otw. We walked into school all scraped up and shit. Put the boards in our lockers and went to class lookin rugged.

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: photo stuff

Worst camping experience? blizzard


Stance: Goofy

Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

years skating: I lost count but I think it’s been 11

board size: 8.25

favorite skater: Jason Dill

best skate video: Mindfield

dream spot: not sure about my dream spot but any spot can be fun with your friends there.

favorite city: Santa Fe, New Mexico

song recommendation: anything by the Bob Dylan or Beach House

Frontal Feeble in your Face

proudest skate memory: it’s a tie between my first kickflip and getting on Bluetile. They were both super sick days.

best feeling trick: frontside airs

bad speed wobble experience: luckily I haven’t had one yet

if we googled you, would we find anything out??: I did a really bad 720 bigspin down some skatepark stairs when I was 15

worst camping experience? Driving to New Mexico for 30 hours straight and when we got there it was pouring down rain. The roads were washing away on the way to the camp site and when we finally got there it quit raining for just enough time to set the tent up. Then it didn’t quit raining for the next day.


Stance: goofy

Hometown: Columbia

Years skating: 17

Board size: 8.5

Gap back tail

Favorite skater: Tom Knox/Bobby dekyzer/Ryan Lay

Best skate video: Photosynthesis, Blueprint lost n found

Dream spot: Street version of owens bump to ledge

Favorite city: valparaiso Chile

Song recommendation: Reputation by Zack Mexico

Proudest skate memory: Chris cole thought I did a cool trick once at the berrics (it wasn’t a cool trick) all the camp bluetile days are good times

Best feeling trick: bs ts

Bad speed wobble experience: On a bike, hat fell off

Back side flip the stair gap!

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: You actually do find me because there aren’t too many weirdos out there with the same name.

Worst camping experience? The worse they are the better they are!


Stance: Goofy

Hometown: Myrtle Beach

Years skating: 12ish

Board size: 8.25

Favorite skater: jerry and Dan Lu

Best skate video: Giant spider skates to rave on PCP* or something like that, I just really like watching it with all my friends and laughing and freaking out at the same time

nose slap off the “bump?”

Dream spot: some sort of wallie or slappy

Favorite city: Albuquerque was so nice

Song recommendation: ashton martin music chopped n screwed

Proudest skate memory: I’ve never thrown up at a contest before, I feel pretty proud about that. Also, skateboner cover (shout out to Matt)

Best feeling trick: a phat O from the deck to flat

Bad speed wobble experience: I’ve had soo many… one time Garet and I bombed this impossible hill in PA at the same time and we both started getting the wobbles at the same time. He was a little ahead of me so I watched him go down so hard, he slid on his neck on the curb and ripped up his sweatshirt… I made it through the wobbles but like I said it was an impossible hill so i had to either make a 90º turn or dive into this yard so I penguin slid like 20 yards into these peoples yard. It was our first day in Pittsburgh and the homies literally told us not to do it because it was impossible so I guess thats why we wanted to try it?

If we googled you, would we find anything out??: one time my friend sent me a screen shot of a google search and somehow there was some article about me on some skate lesson website and I was referred as “Irving the skate guru” I never found this article myself

Worst camping experience? Nothing too out of the ordinary, I’m just a complainer so like waking up in a puddle of sweat or being in a tent full of stinky ass dudes and their stinky ass feet. Always great times still.